The Lobstick Golf Tournament

If you are a golf enthusiast and are planning a trip to Saskatchewan in the summer of 2023, you should definitely consider attending one of the Lobstick golf tournaments in Waskesiu Lake. This annual tournament, which takes place at different times throughout the season, is one of the most prestigious events in the Canadian golfing calendar.

The Lobstick tournament hosts several different events, including the Senior Men’s tournament from June 6th to 8th, the Men’s tournament from June 12th to 17th, the Juniors tournament from August 14th to 18th, the Ladies tournament from August 21st to 25th, and the Pro-Am tournament from August 28th to 30th. Participants from across Canada and the world come together to play on one of the most beautiful courses in the country.

The Waskesiu Lake Golf Course, located within Prince Albert National Park, boasts stunning views of the surrounding forests and the lake itself, making it the perfect backdrop for this prestigious event. In addition to the tournament, attendees of the Lobstick can enjoy a wide range of activities, including live music, food and drink vendors, and other entertainment. This makes it the perfect event for golfers and non-golfers alike, as there is something for everyone to enjoy.

If you are planning to attend one of the Lobstick golf tournaments in Waskesiu Lake in 2023, you should definitely consider staying at Baker’s Bungalows. This family-owned resort offers comfortable and well-appointed accommodation, as well as a range of amenities that will make your stay in Waskesiu Lake even more enjoyable.

In fact, Baker’s Bungalows is currently offering a special promotion for Lobstick attendees for the 2023 season. If you book your stay at Baker’s Bungalows for any of the Lobstick events, you can receive a 25% discount on your accommodation. This is an incredible deal and one that is sure to make your trip to Waskesiu Lake even more memorable.

So if you love golf and are looking for an incredible tournament experience in the summer of 2023, be sure to attend one of the Lobstick events in Waskesiu Lake. And when you do, be sure to stay at Baker’s Bungalows and take advantage of their amazing promotion. With beautiful surroundings, great golf, and comfortable accommodations, the Lobstick tournament is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

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